SmartWay provides up-to-date traffic information on our highway system. This system includes TN511, our HELP program and our Intelligent Transportation System. They help keep Tennessee traffic moving so motorists are safe and efficient in their travels. More about SmartWay

The TDOT SmartWay Traffic product is built to take advantage of the power and capabilities of modern web browsers. Browser features such as JavaScript, geo-location and modern CSS are required to use SmartWay Traffic. TDOT has tested on a wide variety of devices , web browsers and operating systems prior to release however, some older technology may have problems using this new web site. If issues are encountered we recommend updating your device, web browser or operating system to a more current version. Thank you

More About SmartWay

The SmartWay system includes four transportation management centers, 517 cameras, 174 message signs, 1015 roadway detection systems and 49 video detection systems in the four largest cities.

TNSmartWay is a web site that provides information for motorists on highway incidents, construction activities and traffic information. It provides views of TDOT’s cameras, DMS board information and speed data.

New SmartWay Traffic for motorists!

TDOT has a new, redesigned SmartWay web interface that includes, for the first time, live streaming video. You’ll be able to see real-time live video of traffic from 475 cameras in the state’s four metropolitan areas: Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis. The new SmartWay Traffic web page is all about showing you what’s going on at your location. It even has a feature that sorts highway events based on where you are.

How do I get SmartWay Traffic on my device?

  • 1 Click on the SmartWay Traffic link www.TNSmartWay.com/Traffic
  • 2 Save it to your device or create a shortcut using your browser.
  • 3 Go Use the site before hitting the road.

If you save it as a desktop shortcut, copy the link and use your operating system’s shortcut tools to paste and create the linking icon.

It looks and feels like an app but it’s web based so you don’t have to visit your smartphone app store. You must use an internet browser on your smartphone to get the app.

Special Features

  • Caution Items Anything that could mean lane closures such as construction or crashes on the road.
  • Construction Information on TDOT highway activities
  • Traffic Cameras 475 cameras across the state with real-time, live video of traffic
  • Message Signs Information about what’s ahead or safety messages
  • Road Conditions Weather related information like floods or ice
  • Roadway Events Roadway events reported via Waze app

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